Which Celebrities Are Worth The Most Money?

If you are thinking about how much money Ariana Grande is worth, you’re probably thinking of basing it on how much she earned from her last concert or television appearance. Or in general, if you’re thinking of how much money a celebrity is worth, then you’re likely to base it on their annual earnings or their net worth. Net worth is being more commonly used, is a good way to know how much money a celebrity is worth.

One basis that is used to rank celebrities is how much they pull in in a year. This can be in the form of merchandise sold in a year for businesses or how much a personality is paid for their appearance. Taylor Swift, one of the most popular singers in this current generation, rakes in a whopping 170 million dollars from her albums, concerts, and brand endorsements.

Net Worth
How much a celebrity is worth is usually more commonly deduced from their celebrity net worth because not only does it include what they earn or their assets, but it also takes their liabilities into account. For example, celebrities such as well-known athlete Kobe Bryant has a large net worth reported to be around 50 million dollars, and his high net worth can be attributed to his stellar basketball career as well as his endorsement deals with brands such as Nike.

Who Are Worth The Most
If you’re wondering who among the celebrities are worth the most money, you can base it on either earnings or their celebrity net worth and get a different list every year. However, those who would top the list would include big time entrepreneurs or founders of businesses or companies such as Bill Gates who founded the Microsoft Corporation and has an outstanding net worth of 76 billion dollars.