How Much “Better” Is An IMAX Movie?

With the many ways to get our eyes feast, we have our own tried-and-tested go-to’s. When it comes to movies, you might be thinking about the traditional admission to the cinemas or streaming online, but there is the better way to enjoy that favorite movie of yours. This is done with the glorious IMAX (get to know more at to caution you about the fake ones from the real IMAX experience). Have you heard of the word yet? Though this did not really start too recently, it is still the talk of the people when they’re looking at the best way to enjoy movies. You must be wondering by now, “Why IMAX?”

What About It?
Comparing the experience to the cinemas, in IMAX, you will feel as if you are entering the screen itself. There is the genius technology behind this, and it is all about playing with distance. If you’ve already tried the 3D mode of watching, you might have already been acquainted with the concept of making the objects appear nearer to you than it actually is. That is what IMAX can do, though the difference is, you do not have to wear one of those 3D glasses. Add the fact that the screen in IMAX is very, very huge compared to the typical screen in the cinemas. Get to know about the hazards of fake IMAX here in

The Technology Behind It
The IMAX uses a special type of projector that resembles the eyes of a person. The left side will project the left image with vertical lighting, while the right side will project the right image with horizontal lighting. This will create the objects appear closer to you, so if you are watching that action-adventure film using IMAX, get prepared to have your heart pumping like crazy.